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When we nourish...

We shine!!! 


Nutritional Therapy includes:

Much more than food is required to achieve optimal wellness. The easiest place to begin change is through the diet and I can help you decide what is best for you. I believe that when we can overcome some of the obstacles that are in our way, our whole world begins to change.

When we work on our inner world, our outer world benefits. This is true of all things, and with all changes we want to take place in our lives.

Changing the diet is no different. My intention is to bring food freedom to all of my clients. This includes sugar addictions and getting to the root of when these behaviors began.

I want the most for all my clients, and to truly achieve wellness includes all of the following:


Food Freedom

Wouldn't it be great to feel as free as the girl pictured above when it relates to calorie counting and negative relationships with food. We can begin to learn what our body wants by tapping into our intuition. By using intuition, we will let our bodies guide us in the right direction. And by choosing whole foods we simply can not overeat because of a little thing called satiety. When we are satiated or full we will be less likely to reach for the cookies, cakes and doughnuts.


Loving Our Movement Practice

One aspect of health includes exercise, or movement practices. Exercise can sometimes be viewed as a dirty word to some. I would love to help you overcome that stigma, and simply find the right movement practice for you. Things like lifestyle, interests, skill level and time are all taken into account to find the proper exercise form for the individual. It could be as simple as walking around your neighborhood 20 minutes a few times per week to achieve the right amount of exercise your body is craving.


Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone has those things on their list that are seen as obstacles. When we can change the way we look at them, we can then change the conditions surrounding them. I can coach you through this process while you watch your entire world begin to shift. Remember that what you think about grows, so plucking out negative thoughts is the first part of this process. We are in control with the way we perceive the world around us. Let's choose to see the our environment as a nurturing one. With time, dedication and practice there is no limit to the goals that can be achieved!


Nourishment comes in many forms...

Nourishment can come in the form of food, and many of us are consuming foods that may not work 100% with our biological composition. We choose foods because of convenience and ease rather than what our body is actually craving. True Nourishment is obtained first through recognizing what works best for our bodies. Organic and pastured foods are at the forefront of what truly nourishes our body, but what about our soul???

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The Food

The food is the easiest part of the whole equation although it may feel like the hardest at first. With my assistance I am here to provide you the coaching you require to stick with this new way of being so you can achieve the things you were put here to do!!! I am equipped to help you decide the foods that would be a great addition to your life as well as help you figure out if there are any foods that may be effecting you in a negative way. All of us are different and something that may be an excellent source of nourishment for me may not work for you. The tools I use in my practice will help us determine that together! Next up we will do a little soul searching!

The Soul

Our soul is craving nourishment just as much as our physical bodies are. We are living in such a fast paced world these days and we simply forget this aspect of our being. It's great to do things that provide us with joy every single day, even if it is for a short time. When we can wake up in the morning and be excited for what the day brings we know we are in a good place! The soul's needs are individual as well, and are never the same for everyone. My soul requires deep connection and a sense of contribution to feel nourished. Nature plays a big role in soul nourishment as well. We did live out in nature for the better part of our existence. What does your soul need to be nourished??

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The Mind

The mind is like a computer program that is constantly running it's own default programs. We are going through this world with a set of programming that we are not even aware we have on most occasions. The key to busting through includes some work on your part, but the end result is so freeing! Ever replay the same scenario over and over again in your life and wonder why?? It could be from food patterns to relationship patterns. We have the ability to change the program that is going on within our mind! When this is achieved, only great things can result!